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What is the difference between a Consultant and a Coach ?

A consultant bring its own expertise and delivers the expected value by it’s commitment. A consultant is responsible for he’s part of the result.

A coach empowers clients to achieve their goals. He provide cognitive tools, clarity, objectivity, helps to adopt a result oriented mindset along the customer’s journey. A coach makes the client accountable for his own success.


All that is written on this site only reflects my vision through my personal experience.

7 keys to success

From my point of view seven things are important to bring project to completion: 

  • Internal-state
  • Knowledge
  • Awareness
  • Time-bound
  • Objective-breakdown
  • Realism
  • Failure vs learning

Internal state

being the better expert of the world with a poor mindset doesn’t meet success.

Knowledge …

ensuring our “view of the world” is as large as possible and revisited in a regular basis.

Awareness …

the better we understand, the more we can widen the sphere of possibilities.

Time-bound …

know when the goal should be reached, be able to anticipate and adapt.

Objective breakdown …

split goal setting in microtask for better progress monitoring.

Be realist…

the more a long-term goal is complex, the more difficult it will be to make it realistic. 

Failure …

the only failure is to refuse to fail and not dare to fall is avoiding to learn from it = big mistake.

BE, Think, do…

Believe it or not studies has proven that human mind is complex, irrational and emotive. That’s why we should ensure the way we see the world are mostly constructive and to be carefull regarding our biases.

First I believe we should care about being not only because we are a social specie and we need each others to live, but because : “who are we” is a so difficult question.

Secondly, we should be responsible about what stacks at our minds. The way we think and what we let enter in ours belief system. We always go toward what we decide to trust even if isn’t real.

Thirdly, we should act according toward our being and thinkings. We often autosabotage ourselfs with many excuses about not doing.


The Babel syndrom ?

Communication is a must but it has not the same meaning for everybody.

Words are enough ? Not sure! Non verbal language, gesture, attitude, posture, voice intonation, and will of intention are unconsciously catched by our brain and they are part of the 90% of our biogenetic communication heritage.

That’s why sometimes when someone tells you something his body is telling you the exact opposite. This person is living a cognitive dissonance and are transmitting you the exact same feeling.

Bottom line, for me the most important in business is clarity, transparence, rephrasing, and attention we bear toward others.

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