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Who I am? What are my values? On what I spend my time when I am not working?



This page is made to satisfy your curiosity.

A bit of MY story...

In my childhood I moved a lot with my parents. Between Argentina,
Uruguay and Switzerland.

I finally settled in Lausanne at my 12.

At 14 I studied in Vevey art school for one Year. Then I resumed in Lausanne in a private art school for 2 years.

At 18 I started my hairdresser’s aprenticeship.

After being graduated three years later I do work for one year before discover that I suffer from allergia of chemical products.

That forces me to reorient my carrer, I start to work in a video shop.

Very soon I become manager with several responsabilities to fulfill.

At this time the softwares were rudimental and lacks a lot of features.

So I started to develop my own management softwares.

Listing, Reporting, Databases until a day I get the chance to be in charge of rewriting the entire Video Shop Software.

It took me four years to achieve it in addition with my duties of manager.

Early 2006 Video shops started to become obsolete caused by the success of Internet and the increase of hispeed.

I become freelance for one mission in the Jura.

Few monts later I was hired by a software company.

Since, I worked as a developper in a large variety of projects for many customers.


What’s impacting your personal life reflects in your duties…

minimal minutes music / day

minimal minutes sport / day

steps while dancing / week


mindset reframing / day

intermittent fasting / week

minimal audio books / month

These are my wellness goals. Am I able to reach them every time? Of course not! Sometimes I go beyond them, sometimes I find excuses. But that’s OK! I am human !

Personal Interests

Internal/External Resources

I am a passionate dancer, competitor, and international instructor member of the CID-Unesco.

Along with my dance partner we are honored to be students of one of the best world awarded dance couple, Danger Rodriguez and Yunaisy Farray.

We compete in various championship in switzerland, spain, and world championship in 2015. We earned 3 times 1rst regional ranked, twice 1rst ranked in Swizerland and 3rd world ranked.

Music is more than a passion, it’s an internal resource. I started guitar at 8 years old.

Since, I’ve explored several instruments and music genres.

This path leads me to better understand the role of each instruments in a composition.

Then I studied sound engineering as we had several songs to be mixed and produced in order to be selected to perform gigs in festivals.

I compose, arrange and mix since my youngest ages so I can say that’s one of my favorite activity.


Questions ?

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