Need to overcome lack of confidence ?

acquiring the ability to better communicate can literally change your life.

Communication is key in business as well as in personal life.

People may suffer of shyness or even worsE: a very negative mindset…

have you ever faced

communication troubles?

I will always remember the story of Babel.

Have you never notice how difficult it is to understand and being understood?

Even when we do speak the same language, comprehension is not that easy thats looks.

What if you’re stuck at the moment of communicate something important to one of your employees, coworkers, boss, neighbor, life partner, childs or a totally unknown person ?

Imagine you need to prepare a presentation, animate a workshop or a meeting…

What would be the outcome of being in confidence instead of having shaking voice and miss capturing the audience?

You have a first date with someone who you would like to seduce but you feel that you are about to autosabot yourself whereas you could be enough confident in order to know how manage your emotions?

Your life is in a turn around, you’ve got a new interview for the position you dreamed of but once in front of the recruters you loose your words whereas few moments ago you had the good state of mind.

I had several shyness issues in my childhood. That’s because I were moving a lot among three countries and never enough time in order to build confidence.

Later on I struggled to speak in public, to a girl or attend to a job interview. I though that I wasn’t good enough. Nothing to share. Not the right person, not the right moment, not the one…

If you read these lines you probably are in similar situation!

You need a drink in order to step into the dance floor in your good days, but generally you are overwhelmed by your emotions as soon as you need to express yourself right ?

Where to start ?

So you want to be able to break fences between you and the people you want to reach?

First we need to talk about your current status.

Go ahead schedule a strategic appointment with me through this form

Climbing steps toward confidence may take some times alone.

Can an ophthalmic surgeon doing a eye surgery himself?

For sure not. We cannot see what’s out of sight.

I have a structured program to helping you enable this cognitive feature.

It will helps you to improve your communications skills, what you have to offer, and the value you actually provides to others.

No matter the age, the ethnicity, the culture of the profession you do.

The most important is that I’ll be with you along your journey so you’ll not alone anymore during this process.

Confidence in communication it’s all about being able to combine efficiently your Mindset with the Head and your Body.




This program is a 12 weeks Coaching Package which focuses on improving your communication skills.


  • One price only
  • No hidden fees
  • Real added value
  • Totally confidential

Doubts ?

You probably heard many things about coaches and I am totally agree.

The industry of coaching is not protected yet and many people are doing this job for the wrong reasons but is not my role to juge them.

As I am certified by a private body I have the duty to always follow the code of ethics which is available here.

How long have you been suffering from consequences of lack of communications ?

Have you some regrets on your past experiences ?

If the pain of the reliving bad memories because of what you could not express back in time is intense, Then, it may be the right moment to act.

Do you think maybe you can’t afford to pay for such a service?

But aside, how much does this pain cost you, in energy? Money? Time? And frustrations?

Think about what a fluid relationship through good communication could bring you.


Romance / Family





My Approach

Client’s privacy is for me a top priority.

My duty is to act in my client’s interests

Being liked by my clients is not my focus because I will need to step them outside their confort zone in order for them to reach their goals.

I could strive to make shine words about me, but I prefer act.

I have a free session for you to offer so you can make up your own idea about me and the way I work.

Communication it’s about


Non Verbal



The Mindset

Having a clear, positive and realist mindset.

  • Overcome bad thinkings.
  • Implement a thriving mindset
  • Consciousness about biases.

Being aware about your emotions.

  • Understand how emotions works for you
  • Learn strategies of self control
  • Change quickly your emotional state

Conscious of your potential


  • What you already know vs what you need to learn
  • Improve of your learning abilities
  • How you can learn fast

The Head

Soft skills in active listening

  • Empathic capacity
  • Listening abilities
  • Step in the other’s shoes

Thinkful eloquence

  • Adaptive speaking
  • Spoken rhythm
  • Voice modulation

The Body


  • Cold reading
  • Body language
  • State of attention


  • Create report
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Values

Fallbacks techniques

  • Having fast quips
  • Forthright repartee capacity


Before choosing a plan you must schedule a first strategic appointment which is free but mandatory. Before starting the coaching you will be invited to accept the terms of service.

Questions ?

Please use the form below to contact me…

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